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Section 230(d) Notice:

In accordance with 47 U.S.C. § 230(d), you are notified that parental control protections (including computer hardware, software, or filtering services) are commercially available that may help in limiting access to material that is harmful to minors. You may find information about providers of these protections on the Internet by searching "parental control protection" or similar terms..

Minors prohibited. (未成年人禁止):

The Website may contain, or direct you to websites containing, adult oriented content and is not intended for minors. Only adults (1) who are at least 18-years old and (2) who have reached the age of majority where they live may access the Website. The Company forbids all persons who do not meet these age requirements from accessing the Website. If minors have access to your computer, please restrain their access to sexually explicit material by using any of the following products, which the Company provides for informational purposes only and does not endorse: CYBERsitter™ | Net Nanny® | CyberPatrol | ASACP.

Child Pornography prohibited(儿童色情严禁).:

The spider program prohibits pornographic content involving minors. The spider program only allows visual media of consenting adults for consenting adults on the Website. If you see any visual media, real or simulated, depicting minors engaged in sexual activity within the Website, please promptly report this to the to @) . Please include with your report all appropriate evidence, including the date and time of identification. The spider will promptly investigate all reports and take appropriate action. The administration of the site fully cooperates with any law-enforcement agency investigating child pornography.

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About US 关于我们

We think that,In the Internet world,The development trend of Internet is not obey the value of Internet,we call it freedom and discentralized, but now we have to face a worse world,more centralized world,more centralized Internet,what should we do to protect our diversified and beautiful world ? so we have a goal :Give your more Option,Give your more chance!

我们认为,在互联网世界里,中心化的趋势违背了互联网当初发展的初衷,所以我们希望提供给用户(非客户)多一个选择,我们的目标是:Give your more Option,Give your more chance!

우리, 인터넷 발전 추세를 세계, 인터넷 안 할 가치가 인터넷, 우리는 그것을 자유와 평 화, 근데 지금 우리 얼굴이 더 더 더 세계 세계 집중, 집중 인터넷, 우리는 반드시 무엇을 보호 우리 다양한, 좋은 세상? 우리는 한 대상: 너 더 주세요. 옵션 더 기회를 주세요.

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